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In the first year I got my Pilot's Licence, it seemed like we would fly somewhere almost every weekend. Sadly, that wears off after a while. For one thing, we've now been to just about everywhere interesting that makes a reasonable day trip. I've visited every public-use airport within 50 miles of Palo Alto, at least for a stop and taxi back, and a good many that are further. Well, there is just one exception - it would cost about $400 to do this at SFO. These days most of my flights in my own plane are the short hop to Livermore and back to fly the Pitts, and even that has diminished since I started flying the helicopter at Palo Alto.

While California has hundreds of airports, practicality says that you almost always need a car when you get there, and that greatly narrows down the choice of airports. Some small places have car rental, usually Enterprise, and will pick you up at the airport, but often they close from midday on Saturday until Monday morning. So mostly these days we fly to places that have commercial service and therefore have full-time car rental.

Here are some places that were particularly memorable for one reason or another.