6C33C-B For Sale (not any more)

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The 6C33C-B is the ultimate power triode. Originally designed as a voltage regulator for the avionics in Russian military aircraft, it is the ideal high current triode for applications such as transformerless (OTL) power amplifiers and power supplies. A few years ago I was offered a deal on a large quantity of them, and I had various projects in mind so I bought them. Since then the projects have faded away but my several hundred 6C33C-Bs most certainly haven't. I'd really like to get back the space in my garage, so I'm offering them at a good price. They are new in the original very substantial Russian packaging, and are dated 1992. (Last ones have now been sold - sorry).

6C33C-B Characteristics

Filament Voltage


Filament Current


Maximum Plate Power Dissipation


Maximum Continuous Plate Current

560 mA

Mutual Conductance

40 mA/V

Voltage Gain (µ)


Plate Resistance

80 Ω

Base Special 7-pin
Size 125mm (5") high
65mm (2.5") diameter

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